Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal Treatment in Hyderabad

Are your skin tags affecting your quality of life by their unsightly appearance or by the physical discomfort that they cause? Well, the good news is you are not alone in this trouble and you don’t have to let the skin tags “tag along with you any longer”! You are looking at the right place to remove your skin tags. Dr. Venus is a one-stop solution for your Skin, Hair, Aesthetic and Dental concerns.

Are skin tags harmful?

Skin tags are very commonly seen all over the world accounting for more than 10 million cases per year in India alone. It occurs in men and women equally with almost everyone having at least one skin tag by the time they reach their age of 50s and the 60s. Given the fact that so many people around the world have acrochordon (Skin tag), you should be assured that it is a very common, harmless and simple conditions with various safe treatment options.

Why do skin tags usually, pop?

Skin tags are called Soft warts, Achrochordon, Cutaneous Tag, Papilloma Colli, and too many to name a few. Skin tags initially gained attention by virtue of being a cosmetic and physical nuisance, off late; various studies have shown that this malady has gone beyond being considered as an indication of various underlying medical ailments. Skin tags are actually outgrowths from connective tissues of skin which are seen as small pieces of skin-colored or slightly darker colored soft skin hangings connected to the body by a thin stalk.

Sites of skin tags-

Skin tags are commonly found on the neck, underarms, face, eyelids, and groins. Although they may occur anywhere in the body, they usually start as a small bump and are usually asymptomatic (without any symptoms). If skin tags are left without treatment, they may increase in size and can sometimes become symptomatic. Some indications are 1. Whenever they are irritated by constant rubbing or friction in folds and in areas like the neck, underarms, and groins causing itching. 2. Whenever they get twisted on their own leading to blood clot formation and causing pain. 3. Whenever they are ripped by jewelry or clothing causing bleeding

Factors affecting Skin tags

1. Age Factor: The fact that it is seen in about 50-60% of the adult age group has made skin tags have long been considered due to the loss of normal elastic tissues. It is a part of the normal aging process as evidenced by their increased occurrence with increasing age. However, with instances of skin tags occurring also in children especially with obesity or in young women with PCOD, the cause is just not age-restricted. 2. Genetic Factor: Skin tags have a tendency to run in families. There is one inherited syndrome called Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome, which is a rare autosomal dominant disorder. Hence, skin tags in children should be further examined accordingly by the dermatologists. 3. Lifestyle Factors: Skin tags can be reviewed as a barometer for your health as skin tags have found to be associated with unhealthy lifestyle diseases like A) Obesity B) Insulin resistance C) Hypertension D) Type-2 Diabetes E) Metabolic syndrome, F) Cardiovascular diseases G) Abnormal Lipid profile, H) PCOD and Other health conditions. Necessary lifestyle changes ought to be made to maintain a healthy weight and healthy and appropriate treatment should be started earlier if necessary. Other Factors: Growth factors like tissue growth and epidermal growth factors and infections have also been implicated as co-factors in the development of skin tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the procedure be painful to remove skin tags?

Skin tags can be removed easily with minimal to no pain as local anesthesia will be applied an hour earlier before starting the treatment. Under trained and professional doctor it will be handled quite efficiently.

2. How many sessions will be required?

3. What is the cost to remove a single one?

A single skin tag cost will always depend upon its size. Each skin tag costs around 799*/- INR per sitting. For several skin tags, the cost varies from 1999*/- INR to 3998*/-

4. What are the post- precautions after the treatment?

Based on the number of skin tags to be removed you will be required to keep the skin tags dry for 24-48 hours along with the use of some topical antibiotics suggested by your doctor for 10 days.