Dull Hair Treatment

Dull Hair Treatment in Hyderabad

You follow your daily routine of early morning to brush your teeth and you choose the best garment that attracts you to make yourself look adorable, aren’t you? Are you taking care of your hair just the way you brush your teeth and clothe yourself? Well, if not, then it is a perfect time to reflect on the well-being of your hair.

A strong healthy hair has the capacity to grow healthy in both diameters and in length. Each strand of hair is made up of protein layers. Hair becomes dull due to less moisture and inadequate supply and nourishment to your hair. The normal structural breakdown contributing to weathering can be hastened by hair damaging environmental factors and some cosmetic procedures. Both men and women face this problem and want to fix it as soon as possible. Mostly hair becomes dull as you grow older and it is best to visit a Trichologists to help you in a better and suitable way. We at Dr. Venus provide free HAIR ANALYSIS to check your scalp condition and treat you carefully which will provide desirable changes. To retain your healthy hair forever is a great task undertaken. Your hair needs a lot of attention, care and benefiting products along with your lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

Top 10 Culprits of dull hair

1. Poor nutrition 2. Certain medication 3. Hypothyroidism, eating disorders 4. Direct excessive exposure to sunlight, dry hair, wind, hot climatic conditions, and other external factors 5. Excessive application of hair products such as hair coloring, dryer, hair perm, etc 6. Excessive wetting especially in saltwater, swimming 7. Vigorous combing or brushing 8. Chemical and physical damage caused by long term permanent waxing, hair coloring, hair straightening, dyeing, bleaching, and use of degreasing shampoos. 9. Trauma due to headrests, hats, pillows 10. Hair Shaft Disorders- Genetic and trauma due to hairdressing procedures

Quick & productive tips to reduce dull hair

1. Balanced Diet: Food rich in Omega-3 supplements are a good source to improve the condition of the hair. Food that is rich in fiber like salmon, meat, sardines, broccoli, etc. Food rich in Zinc like oysters, clams, seafood, wheat gram, nuts, etc 2. Shampooing: The scalp has to rub with the shampoo from front to the back and a small quantity of shampoo to be applied to each region of the head under hair. Applying on top of the head increases hair friction and causes hair tangling. 3. After rinsing the hair must be gently towel-dried. 4. Conditioners- Conditioners should be applied to hair length and avoid the application of conditioners on the scalp directly. It has to be completely rinsed thoroughly. 5. Gentle brushing and combing should be done. 6. Grooming your hair with a hairdryer and flat iron requires silicon heat protectors. 7. Using a hairdryer at a distance of 15cm away with continuous motion will cause less hair damage. It is good to dry hair naturally too. 8. Applying oil on a regular basis enhances the lubrication of the shaft and prevents hair breakage.

Dull Hair Treatment

A blood test to rule out Anemia, Hypothyroidism, and nutritional deficiencies, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Thyroid Profile, Serum Ferritin, Serum Vitamin-D, and Serum Vitamin B12 is required. 1. Multivitamins containing Biotin, Zinc, iron, should be consumed. 2. Antioxidants that can improve hair texture and hair growth must be taken. 3. Use of neutral PH shampoos. 4. Use of conditioners with oils and silicones. 5. Balanced diets that contain Omega-3 –fatty acids, proteins, Vitamin-D, Iron, Zinc, (Eggs and Fish). 6. Any severe nutritional deficiencies should be resolved with proper medication.

7. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Platelets contain rich growth hormones and cytokines that help in the rebuilding of tissues. The total process takes about 30 minutes- 45 minutes, starting with derma roller, injecting the platelets and ending with Mesotherapy. A sample of blood is drawn from the vein in your arm. Then it is placed for the centrifuge. This will help to separate the blood cells and plasma increases the concentration of platelets. Then the plasma is taken and injected to the prepared patient. This helps in cell growth, act on your scalp, work on damaged dull hair and regeneration. When PRP is injected into the affected area, it helps in stimulating an inflammatory response. This leads to blood flow and new cell growth and tissue regeneration repairing the dull hair.

8. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – This method involves low light-emitting diodes to stimulate and enhance the functions of the cells on the scalp for dull and damaged hair and to help in the hair growth process enabling the hair to be bright and beautiful.