Dark Circles Treatment

Dark Circles Treatment In Hyderabad

The circles around your eyes which are usually darker and deep like a hollow make you look gloomy and dull. There are various causes for getting dark circles. It includes unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, and excessive working habits by straining your eyes, less fatty tissue deposition under eyes, iron deficiency, sun damage, smoking, alcohol consumption and many other health conditions such as Periorbital Hyperpigmentation, etc. Why does it happen only around the eyes? This is because the skin around our eyes is very delicate. There are many articles saying that the darkness under our eyes is due to the reflection of light. Dark circles increase due to aging and can be due to heredity sometimes. Dark Circles can be reduced naturally at home. But this will not help completely as home remedies take a long while to show itsy-bitsy results. For quick, successful and long-lasting results Dr. Venus team and treatment are at your reach.

Dark Circles Treatment Before & After Images

Check out the before and after pictures of real clients. You may see notable results of the face. Our expert dermatologists deliver amazing results while performing Melasma treatment.

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Break All the Odds of Dark Circles

Are you losing your confidence due to dark, unhealthy eyes? Now it can be reversed by some treatments available in Dr. Venus exclusively safe for any type of condition. Dark circles are experienced by both men and women and of any age group. It makes you look older and unexciting. Visiting a dermatologist to fix the problem in the early stages will be much better than later as it may lead to many sessions and a long duration to treat the condition. No matter if you are in your 40s or in your 50s, the treatment option is available to make you look firm and to treat your lifeless under eyes to rejuvenate.

Poets of all languages of all times admire and appreciate the beauty the eyes behold. Since the Shakespearean time eyes were considered as the gravity of beauty. Eyes are the gateway to describe you. The more your eyes look healthy and fresh the better vibes it reflects about you. So outmatching your dull eyes and making it appealing is our endeavor.

Effective Treatments to restore Dark Circles

1. Topical Creams 2. Chemical Peels 3. Q-Switch Laser 4. Fillers 1. Topical Creams: There are some over-the-counter creams and gel available to treat the dark circles based on your severity. If it is way too severe, the creams should be used along with the combination treatments as recommended by the dermatologist after your thorough examination and discussion. 2. Chemical Peels: According to your skin type and the severity of the dark circles the Peels can be suggested to take for every 15 days. Mild or strong peels will be used. These chemical peel treatments are done by licensed doctors to have better results within a few months. It just takes 10-15 minutes to complete the procedure. 3. Q- Switch Laser: There are laser treatments especially available at Dr. Venus to reduce your dark circles to a maximum extent. These are done with the help of local anesthesia which will be applied 30 minutes to an hour prior to your treatment to make it an easy one without any pain. There are protective eye shields used to protect your eyes during the treatment to make you have the safest under eye laser treatment. 4. Fillers: Under eye fillers are used to provide a rich look and to treat the hollow of your eyes which in turn makes your eyes brighter. The all-new Hydration Fillers at Dr. Venus is also another option opened to those who can have fillers at a pocket the friendly cost which will be injected under your eyes after numbing the area. The filler is a cosmetic procedure that restores your lost volume under your eyes and also gives you a youthful look.


1. Are the treatments safe?

All the treatments listed above for treating the under eye dark circles are perfectly safe as we have done more than hundreds of dark circles treatment in Dr. Venus so far without any trouble.

2. Would it cost me a fortune?

1. Topical Creams: It costs a few hundred to thousands depending upon the prescribed gel or cream.

2. Chemical Peels: It will cost around 2000-3000/* INR per session depending upon the type of peel suggested for your skin.

3. Q- Switch Laser: It is also affordable as per session costs around 4000-8000/* INR.

4. Fillers: Under eye fillers costs around 25,000- 40,000/* INR depending upon the quality of fillers used. The Hydration Fillers which last for a shorter duration than other fillers in general costs around 13,000- 18,000/* INR.

3. How many visits to your clinic will treat my condition?

1. Topical Creams: It can be taken for a couple of months to a year and can be consulted with the doctor every few months to look at the improving condition to maintain your betterment.

2. Chemical Peels: It should be taken every 15 days once for 6-10 sessions or even more based on your requirements. Maintenance sessions can be planned every 3-6 months or even a year depending upon your needs.

3. Q- Switch Laser: This laser should be taken monthly once for 4-6 sessions or even more followed by maintenance sessions later.

4. Fillers: It is a non-invasive treatment which taken once can last for 13-18 months. Hydration fillers taken once can last for 5-6 months.

4. Will it be painful?

1. Topical Creams and Chemical Peels are not painful. 2. Q- Switch Laser: As the numbing cream is given before the treatment and even the EYE SHIELD is also used to protect the eyes, mild pain or discomfort might be experienced by some. 3. Fillers: Local anesthesia is given before the treatment helps and causes minimal pain and discomfort.